Tuesday, September 13, 2011

big step...

Today I went to Curves for the first time... by myself!

I've always been attracted to Curves for many reasons... a gym that's just for women, 30 minute workout, all laid out for you... but I've never really lived close to one before.

Now, we live really close to one! I had been thinking about it all summer but since we were on the go so much, I couldn't do anything about it. When we got home though, I looked online and found out that week's promotion was a free one week pass so I signed up for one!

Today I went in for the first time and I think I'm going to like it. I haven't committed to a membership yet, but I probably will. I had a really fun lady help me out and I had a good time. My aim is to go 5 days this week (to get into a M-F routine). It's a 1/2 hour walk one way so I'm actually getting a double work out with a hour walk everyday too!

I know that I'm not in a healthy state right now and I can't live like this forever so it's time to make some changes... especially after 2 months of traveling and vacation!

I probably have my hopes up too high as far as results go, but I figure that since I've never actually stuck to an exercise routine before (for longer than a week or 2... how sad!) I should see some significant changes... or at least feel them anyway, since exercise makes you feel better!

I'm also going to be more disciplined about what I eat/don't eat. I am a terrible "dieter" (considering I've never actually been on one!) and I have no discipline when it comes to sweet things and food I really like so I know I can do better. Little changes like not taking seconds and actually paying attention to when I'm hungry/full is where I'm going to start with for now (as well as adding more fruit/veggies into our meals).

Anyway, just thought I'd put this on my blog to add some accountability! Feel free to ask me how it's going... and offer tips as well! :) Anyone have any Curves success stories/experiences?


Sarah said...

I loved curves when I went in the city. Simple and pretty easy to fit into my day. GO HILLARY!!

Christine said...

Did Pace in Riverton, I did notice my arms getting firmer, mind you I was working in the barns at the time and carrying dead turkeys to the back while lifting them up and down like they were dumbbells for the exercise would do it too...Good luck, take baby steps so you don't feel discouraged, I try not to eat anything after 7pm, make your diet rules small and build on them, eg. no soft drinks till the weekend, etc.

Melissa said...

so fun! i'm so proud of you for taking this huge step toward becoming healthy. i agree with Christine, baby steps! your little changes are excellent steps already! i've been trying to eat more fruits and veggies too (they are "power foods" in Weight Watchers and are 0 points so they encourage you to fill up on them). i find that i'm more inclined to eat them if they are already washed, cut up and ready to eat. also drinking water is an excellent way to feel full so you don't snack so easily. keep in mind though, you have to eat food to loose weight so depriving yourself should not be an option to even consider! just make "healthy choices" when you're hungry.
ummm, okay that's enough rambling. hope you have a great trial week. love you!!

Lindsey said...

Getting healthier is always fun! I have found that eating fruit and veggies when I am craving stuff or hungry between meals can fill me up just as much, if not more than sweets and junk!