Friday, November 12, 2010

It's the little things...

Who doesn't love an excuse to celebrate?! I know I do :)

Yesterday marked 4 months of marriage for Bobby and I... so of course we jumped on the opportunity to celebrate! I used to think celebrating 'little anniversaries' was silly, but now I think marriage is different, and it's important to celebrate the small milestones! :)

After class, we drove into the city and went for lunch at Montana's, taking advantage of a gift card given to us for our wedding. We had a great time and enjoyed some yummy food!

After that, we had to stop by Service Canada so that Bobby could get a SIN... which turned out to be a success! :)
Then we went to the Forks (to visit "our spot" where we got engaged), got some Hot Chocolate, hung out with the geese and ducks for a bit and then went for a walk.
The birds were all quite tame... and hoping that we had some food for them, but we disappointed them. Bobby was sticking his hand out to see how close they would come to us... and this guy almost nipped at his fingers! (I missed it by a second... this was just after)

Posing in front of "our spot" :)
Then we did some shopping and went to Step Up 3 at the cheap theatre.
After that, we decided to have a bit of a backwards supper... we went out to Moxie's for dinner, but ordered only dessert! :)
Next, we went to Chapters and wandered around and looked at books together :)
And to cap off the evening, we went grocery shopping! :)
All in all, it was a fantastic date day and we really enjoyed having a stress free day to just be together and enjoy one another!

I love being married...and I love my husband! :)


Dombowsky Family said...

wow that does sound like a great date day! we are much over due for such a lovely day of wandering, hand holding, and eating. Oh and of course fighting off the local geese! :)

Hillary said...

it sure was :) I was thinking of you when we went to Moxie's because we had the white chocolate brownie on our dessert sampler plate... it's you that really likes that right?
Wish we could go on a double date sometime! when are you coming back to Winnipeg??