Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Group Projects Drive Me Crazy!!!

For the record... I hate group projects! For some reason, this semester I have been involved in SEVERAL group projects and it's confirmed my dislike for them! Sure, sometimes you get a great group where everyone shares the work and things go smoothly... and you get a good grade. But then there's the groups where people don't show up to meetings, show up late, and in general just don't care about the project at all... and then there's the groups that have terrible communication about when/where to meet!

Let's just say that I'm involved in two group projects right now and they are both driving me crazy! Sure, maybe I'm not so easy to work with, but I do try my best to be an 'active member' and show up when I'm supposed to! I'm not really sure if this blog has a point or not, but I guess I just need to get this off my chest! In spite of the apparent goals of 'this is what life is like/it teaches you how to deal with people'... I DON'T LIKE GROUP PROJECTS... and I'm going crazy!!

So... now that I've stated that... I'm going to contently get back to my individual work now! How do you feel about group projects?!


Anonymous said...

I understand the need to teach students young and older how to work on projects because out there in the workforce working as a team is important. That said, I have witnessed too many projects from my kids where they do most of the work OR their ideas never get heard and everyone gets the same mark. "Not Fair", I hear this often. I think sometimes it is teaching kids how to manipulate or work the system, not always a good trait to teach them.
Hang in there Hillary, you are a good team player!

Anonymous said...

oh do i ever hear ya... i strongly detest group projects as well!!! I'd rather do all the work myself. I remember in college i'd end up re-doing everybody else's work b/c it just wasn't done the way i wanted it to be... call me mean and selfish, but at least then i knew it was done right=) Ahh, how i do not miss those days!

Hope your projects turn out wonderfully!!

Lyss said...

I 100% agree w/ your deep detest of group projects!!!! You can do it!


Hillary said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Christine! :)
Alyssa and Michelle, I actually thought of you as I wrote this post because I vaguely remember Alyssa posting about this before too! Good to know two people who have made it through this before! ;) You're funny, Michelle! (but I can see myself doing the same!)
(Actually, I shouldn't complain... most of my group work is done now since our presentation was this morning... but thanks again for the sympathy!)

Taka & Aki said...

I'm sure you happy to be done with those for the semester! congrats! Hopefully you won't have many/any next semester. but you can always think of it as preparation for life on the missions field:) lol:)