Friday, April 23, 2010

Give me Jesus...

I just have to say this... we've moved into the 70's in our countdown to the wedding now... just 79 days now!

Ok, I'm sorry my blog posts have been centered around the wedding... I'm trying hard not to get lost in all the little wedding details like flowers, dresses, invitations, guest lists, venues, etc and lose focus of why we're actually planning this special day, but since my world is basically consumed by wedding plans for now, that's all I have to blog about! But, today I've got something to blog about. Something I wanted to share from my quiet time today...

Something hit me today. Something that I've always known, but so often taken for granted.

I am so blessed. God is so good! He has given me a wonderful life with so much to be thankful for. If I was to list all the things I'm blessed to have in my life, my fingers would get sore from typing and your eyes would dry out looking from at the computer screen too long!

Seriously, I couldn't ask for a better life. I couldn't be much happier than I am right now! (People tell me it gets even better when you're actually married so I'm leaving room for improvement!) :P

This afternoon when I was taking a break from printing wedding invitations, I came into my room to hear this Jeremy Camp song playing on the radio. It's always been one of my favorites, but as I watched a few of my most precious and beautiful pictures flash by on my screen saver, I took a minute to soak up God's goodness to me. So many wonderful friendships, a beautiful and loving family, amazing pictures of God's handiwork in creation... I am so blessed!

As the song was playing and I was thinking about all these blessings in my life, it got me to thinking about how often I end up loving my life a little too much... I lose sight of why I'm here in the first place and so quickly forget about what God has in store for me after I leave this world. Today just got me to thinking about the fact that if I think my life on this earth is so wonderful, how much more wonderful will my eternity in Heaven be?! It's going to be so wonderful that it's beyond my comprehension right now!

Another thing stood out to me in my quiet time that I think sort of ties into what I was just talking about, came from the introduction to Philippians written in my Bible:

"In contrast to happiness stands joy. Running deeper and stronger, joy is the quiet, confident assurance of God's love and work in our lives- that He wil be there no matter what! Happiness depends on happenings, but joy depends on Christ."

I'm not quite sure how to connect my two "lessons", but maybe you can...

I guess it just got me to thinking about whether I am filled with joy or happiness right now. If all these wonderful blessings in my life were to suddenly disappear, would I still be as content as I am right now? Would I be content and truly "happy" if all I had was Jesus, like the Jeremy Camp song talks about? Do I currently have joy in my life or is it happiness?

I know it's easier to say this when life is so good and I'm not really facing any trials in my life, but I believe that right now, my heart is filled with joy! Yes, I'm happy, but it goes deeper than that. Jesus is my source of joy!

Thank you Jesus for the gift of joy. Thank you that no matter what our circumstances may be, you abundantly give us joy. Help me to be a woman who exudes joy in my life in all I say and do! I love you!

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