Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthday blessings :)

Birthdays are wonderful :) How fun it is to get spoiled and reminded that people love you!

My birthday was on Monday and I had a great one! I'm definitely feeling well loved by many! It was a pretty normal day for me... didn't really do a whole lot during the day. Did some work on invitations, tidied up a little and watched some TV. Talked to my sister and my grandparents on the phone at dinner time and then went out for a lovely dinner at Applebees (my favorite!) with my Mom and Dad :) (Much to Dad's delight and my embarassment, I even got sang to and received a free dessert!)

One of the highlights of my day was something very unexpected! I got a flower delivery! I got a call earlier in the day from a florist asking if I was going to be around for a couple of hours becuase their delivery guys were running behind. So, all day I got to play the guessing game wondering who sent me flowers! Turns out, they were from Bobby! :)

I was thrilled! I love flowers SO much... and I've never gotten them delivered to me before! It was fun :) Here's a glimpse of my beautiful birthday present all the way from Japan...

I am so blessed... I have an amazing fiance! I certainly wasn't expecting this because he had already given me a birthday gift when he was here!

Anyway, just thought I'd say thanks to everyone who made my day special! Thanks for taking the time to make me feel loved! Have a good week! :)

PS- 72 more days!!!

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