Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Waiting Game...

Well, impatience has finally kicked in! Last week, I couldn't help but smile at how Bobby was daily mentioning how excited he was for this little one to make his or her entrance into the world, but I personally was content to keep on waiting because I've been feeling so good. I couldn't really relate to all the women who just can't wait for their pregnancy to end!

But, this week, I think because it's the week of my due date (Saturday!!!!) I'm starting to feel a little impatient myself! I'm still feeling pretty good, considering I'm almost at 40 weeks. I'm feeling blessed to have had such a smooth pregnancy. Just yesterday though, my lower left back has started hurting, making me wonder if baby is shifting or has shifted into "getting ready to come out" position.

I've truly been sleeping like a kid on Christmas Eve these last few nights...I think because I've heard most labors start in the middle of the night, I'm expecting that to be what happens for me too! I've had weird dreams, frequent mid-night bathroom trips and wishful thoughts minor twinges I think I'm feeling in my belly might be the start of a contraction. I haven't had any Braxton Hicks contractions, so I literally have no idea what to expect which makes me more antsy (hence the excitement over every tiny twinge).

I have my 39 week appointment tomorrow which I'm excited about. Last week I was 0.5cm dilated which was encouraging to hear, but I know it doesn't mean much...especially when the Dr. Says "See you next Friday" quite confidently! ;)

Bobby started a poll on his Facebook page the other day for date and gender guesses... Earliest was May 8th... which is today! The big questions are if I will have a baby outside of my belly this Mother's Day, and if this baby will share a birthday with their cousin, May 12!

We're feeling pretty ready, as far as preparation goes...bags are all packed and by the door, last minute checklist is on the fridge, car seat is installed...but as for being ready to be parents, I don't think we'll ever feel ready for that! ;)

My parents are coming on May 21st for a month and we're all getting excited about that too! It will be really neat to be able to show them "our world"! Hopefully baby and I will feel up to some outings with them because I'll be sad if I don't get to see them experiencing things for the first time, but we'll have to wait and see!

Sorry for no pictures again... This is another iPad update so I can't get it to cooperate! I guess that's all the news for now...we'll just be waiting! The news of baby's arrival on here will likely be delayed as we don't have internet in our hospital (and I'll be there for a week!) so be patient!

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