Monday, March 31, 2014

Closer and closer...

My how time is flying! We're already back in Japan and we're just 6 weeks (give or take) away from holding our little one in our arms!! I'm not feeling very ready... not sure I ever will be! These days the thought of this baby actually coming out is quite terrifying. I think because it's such a huge unknown, it makes it even scarier. We went to the doctor on Friday and found out we'll talk more about what delivery will look like at our next appointment which will hopefully help with some of those fears.

Our flight back to Japan went as well as could be expected. It was an unusually empty flight so we had a row of 3 seats to ourselves. The extra space was nice, but it didn't help either of us sleep any better...but that probably helped with sleeping better here. We're almost back to a normal schedule, but still going to bed on the early side and waking up early. Bobby's fear didn't come true and we were very thankful... I didn't have the baby in the air! ;)

We're slowly getting the nursery ready... moving around furniture, getting rid of clutter and eventually decorating. Right now the crib is full of baby stuff that's waiting for a home! I already like the way it's looking though and can't wait until it's all done. I have discovered I really like purging and organizing, but it can get overwhelming at times, feeling like you have so much stuff that you "need" but have nowhere to put!

We've gotten back just in time for the cherry blossoms! This is by far my favorite time of year with all of the spring flowers, and now the cherry blossoms everywhere you look! Today we went for a picnic under the trees and I loved it! Here's the link to an album I posted on Facebook... I'm sure more will get added as we enjoy more of the blossoms this week.

I once again forgot to take my 34 week picture on the right day and still haven't done that yet, but here's my 33 week picture... I don't have any other pictures to post at the moment because I need to figure out a way to access my iPad pictures on my blog, but hopefully I'll figure something out soon!

Well, I should get going... off to our co-worker's house for dinner! (we are so spoiled!)
Until next time...

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