Monday, September 17, 2012

Getting closer...

Well, things are starting to look a little brighter than they were in my last post! We were approved for the apartment I had mentioned and will hopefully be moving in on Friday. Unfortunately we've been running into many situations where something can't happen until such and such happens, but such and such can't happen before this other thing happens... and so on! Right now, we can't get the keys to our apartment until Bobby's "foreigner card" comes. We applied for it last Thursday and they said we should get a post card letting us know we can go pick it up in a week... which should work out fine, but we have our doubts! Please pray that we'll get his card before (or on) Friday so that we can move all of our belongings into one spot! (Right now they are spread out in various locations)

We also bought a car! We got an amazing deal thanks to one of our co-workers... Just because we know him, the seller took off about $1000!! Again, we are waiting for things to happen before we get the keys, but are hoping to have it by the end of the week. We sure will be thankful when this is all behind us!!

I must confess I am enjoying this "down time". It is nice to have time to just sit and read and have longer devotional times. Before I know it, we'll be into a routine and I'll be studying Japanese 30 hours a week! :)

Well, since we have a 7:00 am team meeting tomorrow, I better head off to bed! Thanks again for reading and praying for us!


Christine said...

Thinking of you guys often, saw your parents yesterday, your Mom looks awesome. Good luck with learning Japanese it must be a difficult language, are you learning to write it as well? Dexter is taking Mandarin in University, he was given a name at his first class, symbols and all. Hope everything settles in for you both soon. :) Christine

Hillary said...

thanks for thinking of us! :)
You're right, my Mom is looking pretty awesome! She's been working so hard and it's finally paying off for her! :)
Yes, I'll be learning to write as well... I already know the basic "alphabets", but have a long way to go in learning all of the Chinese characters Japanese uses! I can empathize with Dexter for sure!! Is that a required course or did he take it for fun? What inspired that if it was a choice?
Hope you're enjoying fall!
Miss you all! :)