Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Catching up...

I don't think I really did post about our Christmas so I thought I'd do a quick catch up today just for fun...

We had a great time in SK with Mom and Dad and Melissa and Brad... lots of laughs and lots of fun! It was neat to be together as a family of 6! (and particularly exciting to think about how we'll be a family of 7 by next Christmas!!)

The day after we got home (the 28th), we got up and had our own little Christmas morning together :) We had fun just enjoying our first Christmas together and enjoying the few surprise gifts we had gotten each other.

This is us, just after we got up and before we opened our gifts :) (sporting my new flannel pj's Bobby gave me while we were in SK)

Here's my stocking... I'm excited, can you tell??

Bobby opening the book of family traditions I got him...

He designed this picture with our wedding vows written on it and got a nice frame for it :)
and he got me Season 2 of Heartland... my favorite show!!

When Mom and Dad came over for a visit sometime after New Year's, we got a good picture infront of our lovely tree :)

and of course, had to have a little bit of fun too...

We had a great first Christmas and had fun merging our family traditions and creating our own :) Who knows what next Christmas will be like!

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