Friday, September 24, 2010

my morning at school today...

I came home from school today and here's what my conversation with Bobby went like:

H: Guess what I did at school today?!
B: Did you make a new friend??!!
H: Nope... even better. I fell down the stairs!! :)
(followed up with a sympathetic hug from my wonderful husband and a check to make sure I was ok!)

Yup... I fell down the stairs today on my way home from class... on a staircase loaded with people! excellent! I walked away saying what my Grammie would say... "nothing was hurt but my pride!" (but actually my wrist hurts a little!)

Worst part... not even any bruises to show for it! :P

The guy walking down in front of me was quite a gentleman... he turned around really fast and stuck out his arms trying to stop me from falling (but it was too late- I was already flat on my bum by then!) and asked if I was ok... then later made a comment about slippery shoes to make me feel better!

oh how I love being clumsy! :)


Melissa said...

oh Hewee, that's so sad. hope your wrist isn't too seriously hurt!

Hillary said...

nope... I'm fine! it's actually not really my wrist (I didn't know what to call it!) but it's the bottom of my hand... maybe like 'the ball of my hand'? is that right?) it's just a little tender! thanks for the concern though!