Sunday, March 21, 2010

another addition of the Saturday smile list :)

Well hello again! Sorry for the lack of blogs... these days my life isn't too blog-worthy! I've been working on my Statement of Faith for Christar and that's pretty much it! I have certainly enjoyed being at home all week, being able to stay in my pj's all day... and also do things around the house to help out my Momma and make cookies for my Pappa :)

Anyway, I've tried my best to keep track of the things that made me smile this week and here they are...

-discovering that it is not a wise choise to have a blow drier and a straightener running at the same time! what can I say... I was trying to be efficiant with my time and I had my straightener warming up while I was drying my hair! Apparently the breaker didn't like that idea! :P


-finding a birthday present for Dad

-watching a pregnant Mom play with her son and a little bouncy ball on a lovely sunny, spring day

-the sun! funny how you don't realize just how much you love it until it goes away for a while and then comes back!

-laughter and 'inside jokes' with Mom and Dad

-having someone ask me in church during the greeting time how to say Good Morning in Japanese

-a wonderful Sunday afternoon nap :)

-a 3 hour phone call with Ang :)


-Minute to Win It

-The Amazing Race

-having an unlimited long distance plan for anywhere in Canada AND the States! (aka having the freedom to call someone special in Maryland any time I want!)

-wearing my new flip flops around the house just because... ok, so I'm weird... and a little anxious for flip flop season!

-crossing things off a to-do list

-accomplishing goals and finishing things!

-having someone to help me set goals and inspire me to meet those goals :)

-being able to open the windows... and hear birds chirping outside!

-discovering there's a Japanese church in Winnipeg!


-yummy desserts!

-a spontaneous trip to the park and the mall with Sheila :)

-talking with Drew and Izzy on skype :)

-a big muscular man walking through Wal-mart holding two small potted rose plants..... awwww :)

-new hot pink nail polish for my toes :)

-perfectly timed e-mails ;)

-Mcdonald's breakfast... especially the hashbrown! (and the fact that it was brought home to me by Mom and Dad on Saturday morning)

There you have it... life is still good and I'm loving it!
On a side note... just 9 more sleeps till Bobby comes to Winnipeg! We're finally in the single digits! :) I think we're both equally excited about this visit and I'm pretty sure my family's looking forward to it too.
Have I mentioned that life is beautiful?! :) Hope you get some time to enjoy the sunshine today!

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